Leave It to Psmith - Cast and Crew

Randy Barth
Ronald Eustace Psmith, Business Manager

Steve Beitzell
Sound Designer

Sue Breon
Co-Producer, Cabaret Pianist and Music Advisor

Dave Buckingham
Eddie Cootes

Mary Lou Fisher
Audio Description

Kathy Fontaine
Sales Manager

Anne Gardner
Stage Manager, Costume Crew, Publicity, Program

Jonathan Gardner
Director, Photography

Kristi Gardner
Stage Crew

Ashley Greeley
Assistant House Manager

Felix Hass
Sound Crew

Katrina Jackson

Brittany Klein
Graphics Artist

Eliot Malumuth
Co-Producer, Set Designer, GEWA Liaison

John McCloskey

Sarah Nechamen
Aileen Peavey

Kathy Nieman
Ethelberta Fitzwiggin, Cabaret Director and Singer

James Olsen
Freddie Bosham

Jim Pasquale
Rupert Baxter

Jeff Pattison
The Earl of Middlewick

Linda Pattison
House Manager

Shawn Perry
Cabaret Singer

Richard Richardson
Cabaret Singer

Courtney Ritz
Lady Middlewick

Scott Ritz
Viscount Chipstead

Angie Russo
Cabaret Singer

Liz Ruth-Brinegar
Costume Crew

Eve Sanders
Agatha Crofton, Gladys Rumbelow

Nathan Sanders
Christopher Walderwick

Linda Sellner
Cynthia McTodd

Hope Shapiro
Phyllis Jackson

Lynne Slater

Michele Smith
Costume Crew

Suzanne Smith
Gladys Rumbelow, Costume Designer

George Tansill
Ralston McTodd

Millie Tansill
Eve Halliday, Costume Designer

Will Tansill
Lift Man

Jodi Vezzetti
Lights Designer

Alethia Young
Co-Producer, Weapons Master, Cabaret Producer